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Gapcoin's prime gaps

In early 2018 the Gapcoin network found a new prime gap of maximum known merit! The merit M=G/ln(P1) of this gap is M=41.93878373153988, the largest merit of any known prime gap, and the first prime gap to be discovered with a merit exceeding 40. Source :

We already broke more than 544 records of first known occurrence prime gaps. (Note: New record data to be updated from the blockchain).

Also, if the difficulty reaches 38.07 41.94, every block will be a new world record: Top 20 Prime Gaps

First known occurrence prime gaps

Gapcoin found 1215 first known occurrence prime gaps, and therefore broke the previous records for the smallest prime starting a gap with a specific length. The prime gaps are published at Dr. Nicely's site (

  • Prime gaps from 4000 to 5998 -
  • Prime gaps from 6000 to 7998 -
  • Prime gaps from 8000 to 9998 -
  • Prime gaps from 10000 to 14998 -
  • Prime gaps from 15000 to 19998 -
  • Prime gaps from 20000 to 24998 -
  • Prime gaps from 25000 to 29998 -
  • Highest merits

    The merit of a prime gap is the ratio of it's size to the average prime gap size. With higher primes the average gap size increases. The merit is a measurement for how hard it is to find a gap.

    Highest merits found by the Gapcoin network Top-20 world record list

    Source: 'Official' Gapcoin website: