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Gapcoind - Linux Desktop and/or Server Setup

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Cloud Server users Start Here:

After registering your new cloud server account select Create Droplet and/or add a new server with the following specifications;

Ubuntu 16.04.2 x64 - Standard $5/mo Instance - Any data centre region - IPv6 (optional)

The server will be built automatically and the cloud server company will email you your password and the servers IP address.

To connect with the server Windows users need to download PuTTY

Linux desktop users can simply connect via SSH by opening a new Terminal (Ctrl + alt + T) and typing: ssh root@YOUR_SERVERS_IP

For Windows users: Start PuTTY and add your cloud servers IP address then click Open.


You will be prompted with the following warning message to accept your new servers host key > click Yes.


Login as: root

Note that depending on your Windows set-up - copy/paste commands into the SSH terminal might not function as expected. If you use the copy/paste function, then you can expect that the green cursor will not move at all (this is normal in PuTTY). Using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V will not work.

The correct command for copying is (Ctrl + ins) and the correct command for pasting is (Shift + ins). Where ins = insert.

DigitalOcean requires that you change the default password on first login. You should use a very secure password. We would recommend using the default password provided by DigitalOcean with some random alterations.


After login type: sudo apt-get update and hit the enter key to check for updates.


Now type: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and hit the enter key to install any updates.

Note that you should check for updates occasionally or when you next login. After completing updates, you should restart the server using sudo reboot

Linux desktop users Start Here - Cloud Server users Continue Here:

We need to install unzip for Linux, type: sudo apt-get install unzip


Let's download the Gapcoin daemon for linux (copy/paste):



OK. Now we are going to create the directories, unzip Gapcoin and move the daemon into the gapcoin/src directory (copy/paste):

mkdir gapcoin && cd gapcoin && mkdir src && cd

unzip -d gapcoin/src

mv gapcoin/src/gapcoin-rev2-linux/64/static/gapcoin-cli gapcoin/src

mv gapcoin/src/gapcoin-rev2-linux/64/static/gapcoind gapcoin/src


Good. Now we will create the Gapcoin blockchain directory, download a recent copy of the blockchain and unzip it (copy/paste):

mkdir -p ~/.gapcoin


or mirror : wget

unzip -d ~/.gapcoin

Great. Before we start gapcoind we must change the rpcpassword= for our security! (copy/paste):

cd ~/.gapcoin && sudo nano gapcoin.conf


Now we can navigate the cursor using our keyboards arrow keys and edit the rpcpassword= line. Change the rpc password to something else.

To save press: Crtl + X

Then press Y "Yes" to save changes. "File Name to Write: gapcoin.conf" is also correct so press Enter.

Now type: cd and press Enter.

Note that aside from system updates and upgrades, you will not need to complete any of the steps above again once the server is running.

IMPORTANT : Please read how to action a CPU limit of upto 75% max. before you start Cloud Mining!

Now we can start mining Gapcoin!

cd gapcoin/src

Note that we always navigate to gapcoin/src to run gapcoind and to issue wallet commands.

To start gapcoind type: ./gapcoind

./gapcoind getinfo lists basic server information. Before you can start mining check that the block height matches with:

If ./gapcoind getinfo returns "error: couldn't connect to server", then simply wait a while and try it again.


To start mining type: ./gapcoind setgenerate true 1

To display the mining hash rate type: ./gapcoind getprimespersec

To stop mining type: ./gapcoind setgenerate false

To stop gapcoind type: ./gapcoind stop

Note that it is always advisable to send your mined gapcoins to a secondary (secure) wallet running on your home computer.

For example, ./gapcoind sendtoaddress GfPgFXmuH1XFTBtjHcVH1Bju4SbaeqWYeR 101 - replacing the send to address with your own GAP address!

You can list all commands for gapcoind with ./gapcoind help - Make sure that you fully understand each command before use!

To exit the server, although continue mining, type: exit and press Enter - it's obviously worth checking that your mining before logging off.

If/when a new pool is established for Gapcoin and the network difficulty is higher, we hope that some users will continue to run full Gapcoin nodes in the cloud and perhaps point the alternative CPU miner towards any pool.

Our guide for setting up your Gapcoin QT wallet on Windows is here

The current Gapcoin QT for linux is known to run on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, although if you are running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (or above) then you will need to compile the wallet from source (a bit tricky!) or you can simply run gapcoind as above instead - on your desktop.

We are working on an updated Gapcoin QT wallet release for all systems.

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