Gapcoin (Cryptocurrency) Club

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Download the Gapcoin Windows QT Wallet:

  • Windows (64-bit) v0.9.2 - gapcoin-qt.exe - md5: f81557f61ee14dc1d1ded244f9064dad

  • Gapcoin QT Wallet Shows 0 Network Connections?

    If your Gapcoin wallet has no connections to the Gapcoin network go to:

    Help > Debug window > Console and type (copy/paste) the following command at the prompt:

  • addnode add

  • gapcoin-addnode.jpg

    Now hit the enter key. You should start to get some connections and the Gapcoin blockchain will begin downloading. You can also add the following nodes and/or find additional addnode IP addresses via!network [node list]

  • addnode add
  • addnode add
  • addnode add
  • addnode add
  • addnode add
  • addnode add
  • Note that you only need to complete this set-up once and the next time you start your Gapcoin wallet it should automatically connect.

    How to start mining for Gapcoin in the QT Wallet.

    To start mining for Gapcoin in your wallet go to:

    Help > Debug window > Console and type in the following command at the prompt:

    setgenerate true

    Note that is will start the mining process using 100% of your CPU processing power! This is not currently advised if you are using a laptop computer, you intend to use your PC to complete day-to-day tasks or you are already GPU mining other crypto-currencies.


    Utilizing 40% to 60% of your CPU power to mine for Gapcoin would be recommended whilst your using your PC during the day. Utilizing upwards of 80% CPU power to mine Gapcoin overnight (or whislt your PC is not in use) is recommended, where possible.

    If you are unsure of how many CPU's (or Threads) your PC has then you could download CPU-Z

    For example, if you have 2 CPU cores with 4 CPU threads then setting the mining command setgenerate true 2 will mine with 50% of your computers CPU power.

    To stop mining for Gapcoin in the wallet type setgenerate false You can confirm that you are mining by entering the command getprimespersec which will return a value other than 0.


    Note that you need to have the complete Gapcoin blockchain downloaded before you start the mining process.

    At the current network difficulty of around 21 to 22 the average PC should be able to mine at least one Gapcoin block within 24 to 48 hours. You can check the current network difficulty by typing getdifficulty at the command prompt. If / when you find a block it will be automatically credited in your wallet.

    Good luck with finding your first Gapcoin block!

    An advanced CPU and GPU mining guide for Gapcoin will be available soon. We are also working on a new mining pool.